“Manifestation,” as the term is used in relation to the law of attraction, refers to the act of creating a chosen reality with the power of your thoughts. Practitioners of the law of attraction use key concepts of this universal law to manifest abundance, love, joy, health, and other desires of the heart. In other words, the manifestation of thoughts is the endgame of the law of attraction and, as long as you have the right know-how, you might be able to do it too.

According to the law of attraction, all thoughts are a form of pure energy. Positive thoughts are a form of positive energy, while negative thoughts are a form of negative energy. Moreover, positive energy attracts positive events, while negative energy attracts negative events. In effect, by keeping positive thoughts and avoiding negative ones, you’ll be able to draw in more positive events, which gives you more opportunities to succeed in life. However, the reverse is also true, such that keeping a negative outlook will result in an increased likelihood of unfortunate events.

Key Points in Manifesting Abundance, Love, Joy, Health, and the Desires of the Heart

Now, that you know the general concept behind the law of attraction, let’s add one more rule: by focusing your thoughts and passion on one particular thing, you will eventually be able to manifest it (assuming, of course, that the thing was possible in the first place). For example, if you keep telling yourself “I am confident” (even if you’re not) and acting accordingly, you will eventually gain enough confidence to make your thought a reality. If you want to practice manifesting abundance, love, joy, health, and the other desires of your heart, here are the most important tips we can give you for each category.


If you want to manifest abundance, then you first have to be grateful. Look at what you have right now and be grateful that you have it. Starting from a position of love and gratefulness will make it easier to generate positive thoughts and energy. In contrast, if you start your journey by thinking of what you’re lacking, you’re already starting with negativity.


If you want to manifest love, you must first love yourself. Keep in mind that the partner you want to manifest isn’t there to fill in the gaps of your life. Rather, you should focus on manifesting a partner that you want to share your life with – gaps and all! Similar to our tip to manifesting abundance, remember that you shouldn’t start with negative thoughts like filling gaps.


The most important thing to remember when trying to manifest joy is this: you need to know what you truly want. Take your time and reflect deeply on this. A lot of people may try to equate joy with material possessions, but wealth is not everything. Real joy often comes from things you cannot buy, such as spending quality time with your family or working on your passion.


The secret to manifesting good health is the concept of mind over matter. Although difficult, you need to avoid thinking about your disease if you’re already sick. Instead, focus your thoughts on what it will be like once you recover. How happy would your family be once you’re healed? What’s the first thing you’ll do once you’re out of the hospital? Focus on making the image is as vivid as possible by adding as many details as you can.