Manifest Your Dreams: The Definitive Guide to the Law of Attraction

To “manifest” your dreams may sound too good and too easy to be true. In fact, if you’ve ever heard a true believer talk about the law of attraction, you probably know how passionate they can be about something that sounds impossible. Why do they have so much faith in this “impossible” system? Does it really work? Is it possible for you to “manifest” your own dreams? Read on for the definitive guide on how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams.

  1. The Law of Attraction: What is it and How Does it Work?
  2. Positive Affirmations and Negative Thoughts
  3. Four Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

After you complete this guide, you should be able to learn the basic mechanisms involved in the law of attraction, as well as understand how effective it can be in manifesting abundance, love, joy, health, and dreams.

The Law of Attraction: What is it and How Does it Work?

The law of attraction is the most powerful force in the universe.  It is based on two principles. The first principle is that your thoughts are pure energy. Positive thoughts are positive energy and negative thoughts are negative energy.  The second principle is that like energy attracts like energy. In other words, if you keep thinking positive thoughts, positive events will happen. But if you keep thinking negative thoughts, negative events will happen. By applying these two principles, the law of attraction allows you to manifest your dreams by constantly focusing on them.

Like all universal laws, the law of attraction is absolute. It does not matter if you believe in it or not. All your thoughts, whether positive or negative, will eventually manifest themselves as actual events. As hard as it may be for skeptics to accept these facts, they are nonetheless real. All the proof you need can be found by examining the past and present events influenced by the law of attraction.

Numerous cultures throughout history have believed in karma or similar philosophies. Although these philosophies may differ in the details, the basic idea has remained the same: everything that has happened in your life have been caused by your own actions. If you’ve constantly expressed anger and hatred in your life, then you can expect a negative return. In contrast, if you’ve constantly expressed love and affection, then you can expect a positive return. This is very simple concept has been practiced by several famous personalities, such as Shakespeare, Buddha, Newton, and Beethoven. In more recent years, there’s been Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Denzel Washington, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Positive Affirmations and Negative Thoughts

Positive affirmations refer to the self-empowering phrases that you repeat to yourself foster positive thoughts. These affirmations may not be true when you first start saying them. However, with enough belief and repetition, these positive thoughts will start attracting positive events, which will eventually reshape your reality to fulfill the affirmation.

For example, if you’re a used car salesman, you may want to use affirmations like “I am confident and successful person. I will sell more and more cars each day.” If done right, this affirmation will eventually become your reality. You will notice a marked increase in your sales, which will translate to professional success. This professional success will make you more confident in your everyday life. Finally, this confidence will attract more and more success and thereby feed your cycle of self-improvement.

On the other hand, negative thoughts are subconscious beliefs that hold you back from success. Thoughts like “I can’t meet this deadline” or “I don’t deserve success” are just a few examples. Although negative thoughts can be difficult to eliminate since they mostly come from your subconscious, success is definitely possible. All you need is the right mindset and some strong determination.

The key to eliminating negative thoughts is to understand the root cause, which is usually self-doubt or some other negative emotion. Once you know what’s causing the thought, you’ll need to acknowledge that feeling, assure yourself that its alright to feel that way, and then let the feeling go. Obviously, this is much easier said than done. But like I already said, success is definitely possible.

Four Steps to Manifesting Your Dreams

Now that you understand the subtle yet powerful forces behind the law of attraction, you can now put what you’ve learned into practice. Here are three steps on how to manifest your dreams:

Step 1: Determine Your Dream

Arguably the most important step in the entire process is to decide on the dream that you want to manifest. Visualize your dream and make the image as vivid as possible. Imagine how that dream would change your life, how it would feel to achieve it, and so on.

Once you know exactly what you want to achieve, you can start taking positive steps to achieve it. Moreover, visualizing how it will benefit you will help you persevere and push forward.

Step 2: Overcome Internal Obstacles

You’ll encounter plenty of obstacles while trying to achieve your dream. The most difficult obstacles to deal with are the ones that come from within you. For example, when trying to establish a new business, there may be times when you subconsciously tell yourself that you can’t do it or that you don’t deserve success. It is very difficult to silence these thoughts since they are not in your direct control. But with the right know-how and perseverance, it can be done.

When you find yourself with negative thoughts, the very first thing to do is acknowledge your feelings and determine the cause. Next, reassure yourself that it’s alright to feel that way. Finally, when you’re at peace with the feeling, slowly let it go. It’s only by wholeheartedly accepting and understanding your feelings that you will be able to move on from them.

Step 3: Take Action

Your success does not rely solely on the law of attraction. Although the law of attraction puts you in a better position to succeed by attracting positive events, you still need to take action in order to capitalize on those events. If you don’t take any action, then you won’t be able to manifest your dreams. All your positive thoughts will remain wishful thinking.

Step 4: Be Grateful

It’s easy to forget to be thankful once you’re able to manifest your dream or make significant steps towards it. However, being grateful is a very important part of lasting success. Being grateful makes you aware of what you’ve accomplished. This in turn increases your self-confidence, improves your outlook on life, and encourages more positive thoughts.